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An estimated 70% of all decisions regarding a patient's diagnosis and treatment, hospital admissions, and discharge are based on laboratory test results. How many of those tests are unnecessary? Even more important, how many necessary tests are not ordered? 

Our new white paper looks at 5 ways your peers across healthcare are rethinking lab utilization to address costly gaps in care while improving quality: 

  1. Lab formularies
  2. Clinical testing algorithms 
  3. CPOE electronic reminders: soft and hard stops
  4. Targeting "look-alike" tests
  5. Utilization report cards
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1.  Increased screening test completion rates by 17 percent
2. Five patients were diagnosed with adenomas, a condition       with variable malignant potential
3. Based on a study that estimates the mean total colon               cancer cost per Medicare patient one year after diagnosis       at $29,1961, the program was deemed to be highly cost             effective